Oh hey there!
      This is how we do things around here.

      We are Arizona dwellers- but we spend lots of our time traveling + exploring all over the desert, west coast, and pacific northwest. For us, this job really has been a dream come true. There is something uniquely special about documenting couples, from all over the world, on one of the happiest days of their lives. Not because everything goes as planned or because of the perfectly styled decor, but because of the emotions- love bursting at the seams, excitement, and tears of sweet joy. Our job isn’t just taking beautiful portraits, but celebrating with people we get to know and love and documenting all of the things that make their day uniquely them.

      So what’s it like to work with us?

      We are completely aware that most people aren’t always comfortable in front of the camera. So, we approach engagement sessions like a double date. We’ll head somewhere awesome and wander around for a bit while we get to know each other- plus a lot of laughing and sarcasm (and if Andria can sneak it in there, she’ll likely ask if you like true-crime podcasts *insert eye-roll*). After a bit, we’ll pull out our cameras and get you guys snuggling and flirting and being ridiculous together… and that’s how those magic photos are made.

      Every wedding is unique- but we’re present and involved when it’s appropriate and blend in when it’s necessary. Many of our couples (and their bridal parties) have told us that by the end of the day, they forgot we were their photographers and not just friends celebrating with them (WAHOO best compliment ever).

      In a nutshell- we’ll all have a good time creating killer images.

      Meet Andria.

      When I'm not editing (essentially 75% of my life if I'm being honest) I spend most of my time hiking, working out, or dreaming of new adventures... but don't let the active lifestyle fool you. I love me a good Netflix binge sesh and have a Stranger Things obsession (and any show that would make me cry, it's an odd mix). True crime podcasts are my jam and if you ask Aslan, something I should likely see a therapist about. My level of excitement over things that are insignificant to most people is pretty ridiculous- expect to hear me literally scream over gorgeous views or a trendy restaurant (stooop it I know I am so #basic). For all you enneagram lovers, I am an 8w7 and kick ass at getting crap done and having a good time.

      Meet Aslan.

      I like making things awesome. Seriously, as pumped up as Andria gets about the perfect frame I get fired up helping couples leading up to wedding day and filling in the gaps when we get there so they get to relax and then have awesome photos to look back on...it's the freaking best. I married my (super hot) best friend 6 years ago, we work side by side in everything and it is KILLER. Our love language is sarcasm and caffeine and I can't imagine running our business without her. When I'm not shooting I am adventuring in our Prius, working with local entrepreneurs on their projects, or getting some quality time in with my kids. #dadlife I dig cold brew, geek culture (R&M, marvel, the terrible new Star Wars, you name it) and still make time to play Smash Bros with my little brother. #stillgotit

      Violet + Ezra.

      Catch these two monkeys on our Instagram stories every now and then, these are our babies who oooh and aaah over the fact that our job is to take photos of princes and princesses. They are sassy and crazy and we love them. <3 But who WOULDN'T love their sweet faces?!

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