Dawn + Tommy’s Couples Session in the Pacific Northwest
      Detroit Lake, Oregon

      If you know just about anyone in the photography world, you probably know of Dawn Charles. Not only is she a total sweetheart with the dreamiest mermaid hair we’ve ever seen- she’s a killer photographer. While we were in Portland for a wedding a few months ago, we had the privilege of meeting her and her husband, and getting to take a few photos of the two of them. Their vibe is absolutely hysterical. Tommy is a total goof ball and loves to make Dawn laugh (just look for the photo of him licking her face.. it’s absolutely ridiculous and we love it).

      What you can’t really tell from these photos was the fact that it rained the entire time (of course it did, hello Oregon). AND the fact that their sweet little babe was babbling in the stroller to the side, watching the whole time. We may have taken a few breaks to see her cute little face.

      If you’re considering a wedding or elopement in the beautiful scenery of Oregon, hit us up! We can’t wait to adventure back to the Pacific Northwest and explore (and meet more of the fabulous people there!).

      The Shepards are a husband and wife wedding photography team documenting raw, honest love stories in Phoenix, Arizona and across the United States.
      They love to take photos of couples that capture who they are and how they love each other.
      They love adventure and aren’t afraid to take risks to get beautiful photos.


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